Pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act, before they start using a subject matter of protection, all users of recordings (phonograms) – be they radio or television stations, hospitality facilities or any other business premises – are obliged to apply for authorization of the use of phonograms to the Association for the Protection, Collection and Distribution of Phonogram Producers’ Rights (ZAPRAF).

In line with the provisions of Art. 158(2) and (3) of the Copyright and Related Rights Act, and pursuant to the concluded Business Cooperation Contract, ZAPRAF has authorized HDS ZAMP to grant authorizations and regulate rights in its name and on its account for certain phonogram producers’ rights.

In line with the above, all the instructions on how to obtain an authorization for the use of phonogram producers’ rights, and all the necessary forms in electronic format, can be found on the web pages of HDS ZAMP:


ZAPRAF’s office remains at your disposal for any additional questions.


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