Power-of-attorney providers

ZAPRAF manages and protects phonogram producers’ rights on the basis of power of attorney provided by phonogram producers, whereby they entrust ZAPRAF with the management and protection of their rights.

Pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act, a phonogram producer is a natural or a legal person who takes the initiative and has the responsibility for the first fixation of the sounds of a performance, or of other sounds, or of the representations of sounds. The phonogram producer is considered to be that person whose name or company name is regularly indicated as the holder of the phonogram producer’s rights on the phonogram, until proven differently.

In addition to power of attorney, the applicant is obliged to provide ZAPRAF with other relevant information, demonstrating its activity in publishing, i.e. sound recording.

The power-of-attorney provider is obliged to provide data on phonograms in its ownership, and proof that the phonograms are published legally and for commercial use.

ZAPRAF protects the phonogram producer’s rights as of the date of the signed power of attorney.