The International Standard Recording Code


ISRC is the international system for the identification of sound recordings and video recordings. ISRC is a free-of-charge method that ensures unique and permanent identification of music tracks and music videos. ISRC helps prevent ambiguity and simplifies the management of rights when recordings are used in several different formats, distribution channels or products. ISRC remains a fixed point of reference when a recording is used by various services, across borders and under various licensing agreements.

ISRC is used world-wide by producers of sound recordings and video recordings, by digital services and collective rights management organizations.

The ISRC structure (syntax) consists of 12 alphanumeric characters, which should be preceded by the 4-character prefix “ISRC” when shown in printed form.


  • Country code – two characters allocated by the ISRC Agency. The country codes should correspond to ISO 3166-1 alpha 2.
  • Registrant code – a three-character alphanumeric code issued by the ISRC Agency
  • Year of reference – the last two digits of the year in which the ISRC is assigned to the track – allocated by the registrant
  • Designation code – 5-digit unique code assigned by the registrant. The numbers must not be repeated in the same calendar year.


Code identifier
Country code
(2 characters)
Registrant code
(3 characters)
Year of reference
(2 characters)
Designation code
(5 digits)
ISRC JM K40 14 00212


You can obtain your ISRC code for Croatia from:


International ISRC Agency
c/o IFPI Secretariat
10 Piccadilly
London W1J 0DD
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7878 7952
Fax: +44 (0)20 7878 7950