Collective management system

The evolution of the collective rights management system started from collective rights management organizations (associations) in individual countries representing all holders of a specific type of rights. Later, such organizations began signing contracts on mutual representation with similar organizations in other countries. By their accession to global federations of similar associations, the organizations have finally joined forces in universal, supranational associations. ZAPRAF is also a member of the IFPI, an international organization bringing together 1300 record producers.

Such an evolution has brought about a situation in which, in all modern countries, a system exists, both de-jure and de-facto, characterized by these important features:

  • as a rule, in each country there is one association responsible for the collective management of rights of all members of a group of rights holders;

  • such associations manage the rights of both domestic and all foreign rights holders.


Thus, from the perspective of the users, the subject matter of protection is not works listed individually, but the entire global repertoire.

Pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act, an association of rights holders established in the European Union and having an authorization granted by Croatia’s State Office for Intellectual Property can engage in collective rights management in Croatia. The State Office can grant authorization for such activity to only one association of each category of rights holders, and that is the association with the greatest number of members who have given it their power of attorney, which also has an appropriate number of contracts on mutual representation signed with foreign associations. The association can manage one, two or more types of rights, which generally regard a specific category of holders of copyright or related rights.

In the Republic of Croatia, music-related copyright and related rights are collectively managed by:

  • The Association for the Protection, Collection and Distribution of Phonogram Producers’ Rights (ZAPRAF), Zagreb, Ulica kneza Borne 5 – collectively manages the rights of phonogram producers;

  • The Croatian Composers’ Society (HDS ZAMP), Zagreb, Heinzelova 62a – collectively manages music copyright;

  • The Croatian Association for the Protection of Performers’ Rights (HUZIP), Zagreb, Brozova 8a – collectively manages the rights of performers.


*Content copied in part from the official web pages of Croatia’s State Intellectual Property Office (DZIV) with its explicit consent.